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Scripture Reading Advent Calendar

25 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

December 1-25, 2012
We had to leave our Precious Moments Advent Calendar in Rexburg, so I made my own advent calendar this year. Every day the boys find a puzzle piece with an activity for the day written on the back. When the puzzle is done it will be a picture I drew on poster board of Christ that says "Merry Christmas." I thought I would add the scripture book I made to go along with it. It has pictures, songs, and even a few of the Bible videos from www.lds.org/bible-videos to go with the scriptures every day. 

Day 1 Isaiah Prophecies of Christ Birth
Isaiah 9:6 (2 Nephi 19:6)
Song: Handel's Messiah “For unto us a child is born”  
Activity: Buy Christmas Tree and Decorations
Day 2 600 Year Prophecy
1 Nephi 10:42 & Nephi 25:19
Song: Picture a Christmas p. 50
Activity: Christmas Devotional
Day 3 Virgin Mother of Jesus
1 Nephi 11:18 & Alma 7:10
Song: Mary's Lullaby p. 44
Video: Mary, the Mother of Jesus 
Activity: Decorate the Tree

 Day 4 Prophecy of Mary (Immanuel)
2 Nephi 17:14 (Isaiah 7:14)
Song: Angels We Have Heard on High p. 203
Activity: Cottonball Snowmen
Day 5 Signs
2 Nephi 26:3
Song: Oh, Come All Ye Faithful p. 202
Activity: Holiday Cartoons
Day 6 Samuel the Lamanite
Helaman 14:3-9, 12
Song: Samuel tells of the Baby Jesus p. 36
Activity: Decorating the House
Day 7 Gabriel tells Mary
Luke 1: 26-38
Song: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day p. 214
Video: An Angel Foretells Christ's Birth to Mary
Activity: Christmas Stories
Day 8 Mary visits Elisabeth
Luke 1: 39-45
Song: Away in a Manger p. 42
Video: Mary and Elisabeth Rejoice Together
Activity: Snowflakes
Day 9 Mary Praises God
Luke 1:46-56
Song: Hark the Herald Angels Sing p. 209
Activity: Hannukah Games (http://www.makinglearningfun.com/themepages/hanukah.htm)

Day 10 Gabriel tells Joseph

Matthew 1:19-25
Song: The First Noel p. 213
Activity: Pin the Nose on Christmas (reindeer, or snowman, or tree, etc.)

Day 11 Tax
Luke 2:1-3
Song: When Joseph went to Bethlehem p. 38
Object: Money 
Activity: Christmas Songs

Day 12 Bethlehem
Luke 2:4-5
Song: O Little Town of Bethlehem p. 208
Video: Mary and Joseph Travel to Bethlehem 
Activity: Holiday Cartoons
Day 13 Born in a Manger
Luke 2:6-7
Song: Away in a Manger p. 206
Activity: Make an Ornament (We're doing Melty Beads) 
Day 14 Sign of Christ Birth in the America's
3 Nephi 1:8-21
Song: Once Within a Lowly Stable p. 41 
Activity: Snowman (out of snow, or with confetti paper)

 Day 15 Seed of David
Romans 1:3 & Matthew 1:1-17
Song: Shepherds Carol p. 40
Activity: Make Christmas Cookies
Day 16 Angels tell the Shepherds
Luke 2:8-14
Song: Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains p. 212
Video: Shepherds Learn of the Birth of Christ 
Activity: Make Christmas Cookies
Day 17 Shepherds see Jesus
Luke 2: 15-20
Song: Stars were Gleaming p. 37
Activity: Caroling 
Day 18 Wise Men visit Herod
Matthew 2:1-8
Song: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear p. 207 
Activity: Paint Wood Ornaments

Day 19 Wise Men Bring Gifts
Matthew 2:9-12
Song: We three kings of Orient Are
Video: The Wise Men Seek Jesus 
Activity: Coloring Pages (picture below works well for that or http://dailycoloringpages.com/christmas-coloring-pages/christmas-nativity-scenes-coloring-pages/the-three-wise-men-christmas-coloring-pages/)
Day 20 Flight to Egypt
Matthew 2:13-15
Song: The Nativity Song p. 52 
Activity: Yule Log (we have a candle train we're using that only has 5 days)
Day 21 Herods' Baby Decree
Matthew 2:16-18
Song: Christmas Bells p. 54 
Activity: Christmas Songs
Day 22 Baby named Jesus
Luke 2: 21-22, 24
Song: 12 Days of Christmas
Activity: Holiday Cartoons 
Day 23 Simeon
Luke 2:27-34
Song: Have a Very Merry Christmas p. 51
Video: The Christ Child is Presented at the Temple 
Activity: Make Snowglobes (use a picture and a baby food jar)
Day 24 Anna
Luke 2:36-38
Song: Silent Night p. 204 
Activity: Make Family Picture Ornaments
Day 25 Plan of Salvation/Meridian of Time
Moses 6:57-62
Song: Joy to the World p. 201 
Activity: Presents and Songs

 Merry Christmas! May we always remember the reason for the season. Feel free to use this in your own families if you so desire. I love and miss you all! I know Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God and that He lives!

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