Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pinch my Cheeks ornaments

My husbands family have these cool animals that you pinch their cheeks and a Hershey kiss pops out. His mom showed me how to make them, and since then I've started making more customized ones. They are fairly simple, but do take some time.

Star Trek symbol
 Mario and Avengers

Supplies needed: 
-Plastic Canvas
-Yarn (color of choice)
-Large, blunt needle 
-Yarn threader (the cheap metal ones work ok, but I suggest getting one with a plastic handle and thicker metal, or they seem to just break).

Cut out 3 matching squares out of the plastic canvas (they are made with tiny squares, so I usually do 10 squares x 10 squares).

Cut out a workable length of yarn. Thread needle with desired color, only single strand with a small strand hanging out the end to keep from coming out of needle. Remember these will be diamond shape. 

Start in a corner and pull thread through until about 1/2 inch is left. then thread through the next square across at an angle. Continue to thread this way, while wrapping the 1/2 inch inside the stitches on the back. Do the outside edges on 2 sides of 2 of the squares, leave the other square with no edges stitched. Change color as needed if doing a certain design. When you start running out of yarn, push the need through several stitches on the backside and clip off the yarn. Re-thread needle, and push the new strand through several stitches on back and pick up where you left off.

The two pieces with edges done are going to be the top and bottom. The third is for the back. Put the top and back piece together open edges touching. Sew over hand stitch all the way around the two edges. Put the bottom piece together with the back and do the same. This gets a little tricky because you have to bow the canvas to make it work. Then sew a loop on the top and you have a pinch my cheek. Pinch the sides to open the mouth and put a Hershey Kiss inside.

(More detailed photos to come later)

Thankful Turkey

Draw a turkey body on poster board.
Cut out feather shapes out of lots of colors.
Every day have each person write what they are grateful for on the feather.
Glue on turkey.

By thanksgiving you'll have a very full Turkey

Thankful Jar

I was too lazy to draw a turkey and cut out individual feathers this year. So I taped a pic of a turkey on a jar, and every time they are thankful for something they put a pom pom in the jar until it's full. Works well as a reminder to be thankful and really easy to do.

Lion Tail

My sons lion costume didn't come with a tail, so I made one. Here it is:
I used yarn, 6 strands of yellow, I braided it 2 by 2 by 2 about halfway down, tied a knot for the top of the tail, turned it upside down and used the braid for the middle string to make it thick. then I looped a bunch of brown strands together, tied it on the end, and cut the loops to make individual hairs.

Pirate Party

My son wanted a Jake the pirate party. Here are the invitations.
The Cake
We did a treasure map that led to different rooms in the house. Each room had a game.

The games were Alligator bean bag toss, pin the skull on the pirate ship, and the "island" walk (cake walk but stepping on islands). The treasure was hidden in a treasure box with an X on it, and inside were the party favor bags, and my sons birthday presents.

Here is where I got the ideas for the games.

The party favor bags had gummy sharks, marine animals, eye patches, rolled up coloring pages of Jake to look like a scroll, gold coins (candy/toys), and some light up rings.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Home Evening

I made this FHE chart for our family. I used poster board, velcro and pictures. I wrapped the pictures with clear wrapping tape, glued velcro to the backs, and the other side of the velcro on the poster. It was super easy.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Photo Family Tree

For both sets of parents I decided to make a family tree that they could update with new pictures every year. It turned out awesome! I can't wait until I'm done having kids so I can make one for myself.

Here's the basic steps of how it's done.

1. Choose picture size and cut out plastic tablecloth pieces 1/3 in. bigger on all sides (I recommend using a rotary cutter for this, to make the pieces straight).
2. Layout pictures on fabric for tree and freehand draw tree shape around the pics. That way you know they will all fit in the pattern you desire. (The picture pattern I used was grandparents as roots, then parents and original family pic on trunk, then the kids in the tree. That way as spouses and grand kids come along you can put family pics of them in their kid slot). Freehand draw a trunk and roots that fit the tree. 
4. Choose a back panel that is thick or double sided. You need something that can hold the weight of the pics and plastic slots.  I used about 2 yards for the back panel. Just depends on the family size.
5. Use heat and bond to put the tree and trunk on back panel. Then zigzag stitch around the edges to make sure it's permanent. (I was lazy and you can see all the stitching on the back of the panel. If you want you can sew on the tree and plastic slots, then sew the double sided panel together. But you have to make sure you tack it in a couple places, or heat and bond, so the panel stays connected to the back or it will become saggy).
6. Sew on the plastic slots using a denim needle. Make sure after sewing there is still enough room to slide pictures in and out easily. (If you have to rip out the seam it usually ruins the plastic slot and you'll have to cut out a new one).
6. Sew a flap along the top to put a dowel through
7. Add vinyl lettering to spell out the family name
8. Add pics and a dowel and your done!

This was a pretty intense project, but well worth the time and effort. The best part about this family tree is you can update it every year!
Another idea I toyed with was on the trunk to put the wedding picture of the parents, and a slot for a recent picture. Then you could see where they started out, and what they look like now, but decided it was too much work for me.
(closer view of the plastic slots and how their sewed on. Also the dowel and lettering.)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tie Skirt

My friend Lacey gave me this idea for a skirt. I collected a bunch of ties from missionaries that I served with. When I got home I put this together. 

I did it really horrible, but here's the gist of it. I cut all the ties the same length, and unfolded it so I could sew the sides together. Once they were all sewed in a line I sewed on a liner and waistband. I connected the last 2 ties to make it a circle, and put the zipper there. It's a pretty heavy skirt but super fun.

Baby Clothes

Gabe wanted his baby to have clothes. This was my first try in 15 years. It turned out ok.

Game Piece Fixes

Here are some tips to fixing game pieces:
1. If its cardboard and the bottom starts to shred and won't go in the plastic holder anymore, tape the bottom with packing tape. 
2. If you don't have a plastic stand for your game pieces, use an alligator clip.

Counting Game

I found this in a brite book. You make a bunch of the same character and draw a random amount of buttons on each one. Attach a cup or bag to put a corresponding # of tokens or beans to the buttons. Its a fun way to teach kids counting.

Magnet Boxes

I made these magnet boxes for my boys for Christmas. They are super easy and fun.

-Metal box (I use the gift card boxes that go on sale after christmas)
-Permanent Marker
-Magnet page (Dollar store often has magnet to do list pages that work great for this, or buy a magnet strip in the craft aisle at walmart)

Color inside of the box with permanent marker (scenery or patterns) or keep it plain. Stick stickers to magnet and cut out. Place sticker magnets inside and your done!

Star Wars Snow Flakes

Go to this webpage:

Print off design wanted, and follow directions.

Needed: Exacto knife, printer, scissors, and cutting board

Kid Ties

I made a tie skirt and had a bunch of leftover ends of ties. So I decided to make ties for my baby boys.  If you have ties that have stains on the front you can use the back for these ties!

After you tie the knot, snip the excess off. Measure an elastic piece the size you need to fit around your babies head, or 2 pieces with velcro on the end. String the elastic through the knot, and glue the knot and elastic on the inside to keep together. and you have a tie!