Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mickey Mouse Party

My kids love Mickey Mouse, so I did a party for each of their birthdays. Here are the invitations, cupcake toppers I made, and games played.
I used the template below, cut out a half circle in red, and made 2 white dots for buttons. On the back side I used a smaller version of the template and wrote out the party information on white.

Invitation Template

For the Cupcake toppers I bought some stickers, put a toothpick in between the sticker and construction paper, and cut them out. Best if you have the stickers lined up at the edge, toothpick pointed out. Or it gets hard to cut out. 
 The result

My kids watch a lot of mickey mouse clubhouse. To make the party like the show we did a Toodles Adventure for the activity. I made a Toodles out of posterboard (as shown below). There are usually 3 tools and one myster mouskatool.  For one party the adventure took us around the playground to get to lunch. Here is what we did for 3 and 4 year olds: 
1. They needed a map to see how to get to the food, which they got from Toodles.
2. They had to dig a treasure out of the sandbox. To do that they needed a shovel from Toodles. The treasure was mickey mouse ears for each of them to wear.
3. Had to play Hop Scotch to get across the basketball court. They needed markers to throw, which they got from Toodles. I used ABC blocks and put mickey mouse stickers on them.
4. They had to run across the lawn together using team work. The myster mouskatool was a beach ball to kick to each other while running to the other side where the food was.

I did another adventure for a 2 and 3 year old party:
1. Had cups of bubbles to blow, and Toodles had the wands
2. Pin the nose on Mickey mouse, Toodles had the blindfolds made from Mickey Mouse fabric
3. Ran across the field with a balloon tied to their leg, Toodles had the string (this was kind of a bust, since most of the balloons popped on sticks and made the kids cry. Would have worked better in doors)
4. Learned the Goofy and Mickey Dance to the ending song on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Hot Dog Dance. Toodles had the music.

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